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MLS Foundation Dormitory Project

Dear Friend of MLS,

I have some exciting news to share with you about a project that has been over thirty years in the making!

In 1976, Michigan Lutheran Seminary completed construction of new dormitory facilities that would accommodate all of its boarding students. This much-needed improvement was met with great enthusiasm by both parents and students. The lack of on campus dormitory space had necessitated students being placed in off campus dormitories and in the homes of Saginaw families around the MLS campus. Today, those same dormitories continue to keep our students on our own campus.

Unfortunately, after those same thirty-seven years the dormitory furnishings have more than reached the end of their life on campus! Thousands of students have used the beds, dressers, desks and chairs that were purchased through donations in 1976.

To complete the enormous project of refurbishing the dormitories, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Foundation has offered to assist MLS by making this our priority project. With the help of the MLS administration we have undertaken an inventory of needs and have completed a great deal of research on the project. The dormitory is the students’ “home away from home,” and we want it to be a place that will function well for current students and a space that future students will look forward to living in while at MLS.

The scope of this project includes new furniture for all of the 118 rooms along with paint, window treatments and flooring. The furniture company has set up a “typical” two-person room in the dormitory for students, parents and donors to view and it has met with very favorable reviews. You can imagine the students’ excitement when they see the remodeled room. Some of their comments included, “This would be awesome!” “I wish we could stay to enjoy the remodel!”

Following is a breakdown of the project.

●    Total project cost: $650,000* (Per student cost: approximately $2,200)

By Materials
●    Dorm furniture for 118 rooms-$465,000 (this includes delivery and installation)
●    Flooring for 118 rooms-$110,000
●    Paint for 118 rooms-$75,000

As was done in 1976, we have broken down the project into room sizes and further down into furniture pieces to make the costs more understandable.

By Rooms
●    2 person dorm room-$4,400
●    3 person dorm room-$6,600
●    4 person dorm room-$8,800

By FurnitureImage
●    293-Beds @ $322
●    293-Mattresses @ $122
●    293-Desks @ $344
●    293-Dressers @ $327
●    293-Organizers @ $157
●    293-Chairs @ $160
●    1172-Dresser Drawers @ $25
(Yes, the dressers have drawers, but this is our way of saying that any size gift will help build toward a furniture purchase!)

This is the largest project that the MLS Foundation has undertaken to date and yet we remain encouraged about reaching our goal as we have already received more than $58,000 towards the refurbishing. This has allowed us to begin a dorm room countdown! 118,117,116,115,114,113,112,111,110,109,108,107,106… See more here Dorm Progress

To help us continue the countdown, please consider “purchasing” a bed, a mattress or even a dresser “drawer” to help us reach the goal of refurbishing the MLS dormitories. Another way to help? Bring the details of the project to your congregational leadership and see if your congregation as a whole can help with pieces of furniture or even an entire room. You and/or your congregation’s gift can help make this project become a reality for the students.

Please visit to tour the “typical” dorm room or make a donation to the project.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support of the MLS Foundation as it works to assist MLS with its mission of training students for the public ministry.

Josh Wakefield
MLS Foundation

*all quotes subject to change after June 1, 2013 (increases of  5-8% per year)
The furniture manufacturer has told us that furniture can be purchased and stored for up to 18 months. That’s our incentive to work towards the goal as quickly as we can!

QRcodeForPaymentP.S. Just after I finished my letter (which you should receive in the mail this week) and was getting it ready to send to you, a donor came forward and offered to the MLS Foundation up to $100,000.00 in matching funds for the dormitory project!
Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity by making a gift toward the dorm project. This gift when matched could furnish 46 additional rooms!